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Our team takes care of everything : location reservation, catering, services.
All you need to do is invite your clients, prospects, partners and employees !

Business meetings

Organize business meetings in an original location and unique ambiance, to engage your audience and reinforce your professional network.

Employee weekend

To reinforce relations among your employees, offer them a weekend in an original location where you can bring them together during group activities and convivial moments outside of the usual work atmosphere.

Commercial Seminars

Motivating commercial teams, defining new objectives ? Leave your usual workplace to communicate and exchange effectively with your collaborators.

Professional soirees

Are you looking to find new partners, motivate prospects or give a presentation on the launch of a new product or service ? Why not invite your clients, partners and prospects to a professional soiree with a meal or buffet. Organizing a get-together amongst professionals will speak volumes for your business.

Client and Partner Cocktails

Invite your professional network to cocktails in a seafront villa for a convivial and pleasant experience that they will associate with the image of your enterprise. As a result, you will win loyalty from your clients and consolidate relations with partners.

Brunch team-building

Management games, training, creative and sports activities… Allow your teams to get to know one another better at a friendly brunch, so that they can work effectively together on a daily basis.

Corporate anniversaries

Presentations and demonstrations of your products and services, conference on a problem specific to your sector, cocktails and buffet… Celebrating the anniversary of your enterprise with clients and prospects is a great way to increase awareness and visibility of your company.

Training days

Do you need to give your teams training on different skills or a new product from your business ? Get off the beaten track with a training day in a unique location.

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